The Ernest Glitch Chronicles
The Ernest Glitch Chronicles
A Novel by Roger Curry. Contains a Plethora of Victorian Anarchic Experimental Science

Tickle Smoke and the Graf Zeppelin
An airship plunging through a rain of liquid titanium tetrachloride

Violent Detonation of Potassium & Hydrofluoric Acid plus the 322 Faced Fluorite Crystal of Mr Phillips
Count the faces, don't breath the fumes

Ludwig Mond on Ammonia from Coal
Industrial Chemistry

Sulphur Mines In Sicily 1888
A rather dry monologue, but the description of "calcarone" is of interest

Dentist's Alarming Explosion - TACN Tetraammine Copper Nitrate
Plus the discovery of a naturally occurring high-explosive mineral - Tacnite

A Royal Electrostatic Discharge, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip & The Bishop of Durham
The Queen may have had to change her tweed underpants after the demo of a high voltage capacitor

Wollaston's Discovery of a Controversial Element - Palladium

The Preparation of Nitrogen Gas from Flesh
Lumps of meat produce azote

Laboratory Shed in 1970

CTR Wilson, of Cloud Chamber Fame, on Thunderstorms & Sprites 1924

The Radium Water Worked Fine Until His Jaw Came Off

Gallium Crystallising and Other Illustrations


The Great Newton Aycliffe Tornado of 1995

W48 155-millimetre nuclear artillery shell


The STC 4021 Microphone - VIE: Visual Indicating Equipment of World War II

The Transducer Corporation "Bullet" Model TR-6 Microphone - a 1938 design classic

Flat Earthers; the Bedford Level Experiment of 1838

Apple and Biscuit Microphone for Acoustics Laboratories - the STC 4034

Tetanus Symptoms Ameliorated With Cannabis Enema

Full Text of William Armstrong's Address to the 1863 British Association for the Advancement of Science

Environmental Aspects of Autonomous Lawnmowers

Victorian 3D Printer
A computer controlled additive manufacturing machine was invented in 1857

A 1901 Dentists Nitrous Generator

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

The Artificial Goat
A Victorian water-powered autonomous lawnmower

Giant Levitating Lipstick - Britain Launches Prospero Satellite

Aldini Reanimates George Forster's Corpse 1803

Using a Blunderbuss against Frogs - Brave Captain Hornsby

St. Elmo's Fire, Gold and Minerals at Leadhills

Cigars de Joy - Hallucinogenic Cigarettes for Asthma Sufferers

Dangerous Thesis Work - 34 Milligrams of Radium Sulphate

Cornish Lithium 1864

Edison's Assistant Mr. Dally Becomes X-Ray Amputee

Display Display Software

Phossy Jaw - White Phosphorus Causes Match-Makers Leprosy

A Case of Poisoning with Hashish - 1856

Argus As 014 Pulse Jet - powered by coal-dust

Unearthing Fullerenes - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

When Crocoite was worth its weight in gold

Fullerenes Discovered in Victorian England
A letter from Ernest Glitch (son of Mad Judge Glitch) to Michael Faraday appears to note the crystallisation of C60 some 150 years before Kroto

Flesh Transducer

A Weapon of Mass Destruction in Victorian Times: The Coal-Dust Flame-Thrower
Horror weapon invented in Weardale by Glitch. Also in 1862, his assistant noted the depletion of U235 in pitchblende from Oklo, and suggested that a natural reactor could be the cause of the isotopic anomaly

19th Century Jet-Powered Flying Machine in Weardale
Powered manned Flight achieved long before the Wright Bros., using Multiple Valve-less Pulse Jets

The First Flight (part 2 of above)
part two of 19th Century Jet-Powered Flying Machine in Weardale, plus The Steam-Powered Rope-Engine - Mad Judge Glitch`s Power-Gallows - An account of the first test of this capital punishment machine

Gutta Percha - a natural thermoplastic

Glitch Constructs Hypersonic Gun
Upper Weardale was impacted by several projectiles in late 1857, in Glitch`s words, "Velocities approached 70,000 furlongs to the hour, Bishop"

Victorian Cyclotron
E. Glitch bombards diamonds with high energy particles to produce coloured 'fancy' stones. His equipment, mentioned in a letter to M. Faraday, pre-dates that of Lawrence by some 73 years

Victorian Liquid-Fuel Rocket Engine
An account of the use of hypergolic propellants and deLaval nozzles in 1856

Beagle 2 - A 19th Century Hybrid Coal / Liquid Nitrous Oxide Powered Rocket
Busty seam coal & laughing gas propels scientific probe into space, successfully launched 24th July 1863 from Weardale, returning 30th June 1908 over Siberia

Observation of Light Emission from Electrically Stressed Silicon Carbide CrystalsAn Early Light Emitting Diode

The Glitch Machine Gun
A fully automatic weapon 24 years before Hiram Maxim

The Glitch Sporting Bathyscaphe
Accounts of the use of this extreme depth marine hunting vessel

1858: First X-Ray?
Rupert Glitch photographs his own bones using tandem Cuthbertson electrical machines

The 1855 Grand National Steeplechase at Aintree
The front page from the April 1855 issue of "The Turf" refers to equestrian enhancement of a scientific nature

Lord Armstrong's Hydraulic Engines

Boxing day 1799. Humphry Davy Encloses his Head in a Box Full of Nitrous Oxide Gas
"Nothing Exists But Thoughts!" A quote from Davy, off his head on 57 liters of nitrous oxide, in an attempt "to produce excitement equal in duration and superior in intensity to that occasioned by high intoxication from opium or alcohol."

Michael Faraday & Micromercurialism

Michael Faraday

Plastic from Piss - Urea Formaldehyde

The Bottle of Felix Klein

Hermann Sprengel's Pump, 1865

Casein Formaldehyde

Hofmann & Formaldehyde

Sergeant Charles Anderson - Michael Faraday's Indefatigable Assistant

Jem Mace, in his time "The Most Scientific Pugilist Alive"

On a large Varanus species from the Island of Komodo, 1912

Computational Machines - Letter from Babbage to Davy 1822


The Apollo Guidance Computer

The Kuiper Belt and its implications

A Boiling River

Lavrion Old Mines

A Merlin is Made - Manufacture of the Spitfire Engine

The Lead District - from Durham Gazetteers 1828 & 1825

Victorian Hyperloop - Rammell's 1864 Pneumatic Railway at Crystal Palace

Time & Motion -- Taylor's Principles of Scientific Management & Gilbreth's Movies

Physicians in Great Danger From Medical X-Rays

An Address to Theoretical Physicists - The Fixion

Sperm Whale's Sexual Organs, Spermaceti & Ambergris

Growing Thallium Dendrites in 1879 - a beautiful forest of thorny crystals

Magnetic Effect on Arbor Diana Formation?

The Sympsychograph, by the founding president of Stanford University

The High Voltage Beatification of Professor Bose at Wittenburg

Burning Your Own Breath

For and Against Tobacco, 1865; The Pharmaceutical Journal

Lightning Experimentation Without Fatalities - 1897

A Couple of North Pennines Lead Mine Articles from Mine & Quarry Engineering

An Enlightening Lightning Article From the US National Bureau of Standards

The Burgess Shale was discovered by palaeontologist Charles Walcott on 30 August 1909

Thomson Describes His Water Dropper Electrostatic Generator

The Gossen Bisix Exposure Meter - a 1950's design classic

Unknown Explosive Coating on Bismuth Metal - 1935

The Mechanics of Hanging - Popular Science Monthly, August 1885

Strange Medicines 1887

Octahedral Fluorite - Glengowla Mines, Connemara

A Natural Hour-Glass of Amalgam

A couple of fulgurite articles from the 1880s

Spiders and Their Ways - Popular Science Monthly, October 1888

Chapman is Unaware of Methyl Nitrate's Propensity for Ease of Detonation - 1872

On Some Phenomena of Capillary Attraction

Pharaoh's Serpents - Lethal Victorian Toys

Some Curious Lights - a collection of phosphorescence phenomena, compiled in 1863

Explosive Victorian Gas Fittings

Extraordinary case of Electrical Excitement - 1837

Killer Toy Caps of Olden Times

Some Experiments with the Great Induction Coil at the Royal Polytechnic

George Gore on scientific research & Mr. Hennell's chest laid entirely open by a fulminate explosion

Heddle on Scottish Native Metals

Gibberne's Nervous Accelerator

Cacodyl Cyanide Chemistry Catastrophe - Professor Bunsen's Aphasia, Black Tongue, Blind Eye & Nearly Fatal Poisoning

The Gyrojet Rocket Pistol

The Science of Pool

Radium Topics, Observation of an Iridium Flare, & Some Miscellania

Steam Electrical Machine, Box of Rattlesnakes & Kitten, Electric Eel

Electricity & Guns

Borrowdale Wad Mine

Permian Fossils in the Co. Durham Marl Slate

Ferryhill Fossil Fish - the famous Coelacanth

HELL KETTLES of Darlington - Subsidence hollows over Permian Upper Marl evaporites

Human Sacrifices to Independence Day in America & Subsequent Home-Made Fireworks for "The Murderous Fourth."

Remarkable & Beautiful Scintillating Platinum Alloying Phenomena

The Polapulse Battery

Victorian High Explosive Confectionary & Monthier's Cheap and Nasty Human Urine Batteries

Hand Blown to Bits - Dynamite Stories, by Hudson Maxim


Canyon Diablo Meteorite Diamonds

Hope's Nose Dendritic Gold

Two Seabed Liquids - Carbon Dioxide & Sulphur

1860s Magic Concert

Gold Amalgam Crystals

Action of Actinium on Minerals - Kunz 1904

Neumayer's Magnetic Survey of Victoria, 1861 - The Cranbourne Meteorites

THE ELECTRONIC CANDLE - Interesting Optical Feedback Behaviour of an Arduino Coupled LDR & PWM LED

A Genius in the Family, by Hiram Percy Maxim

Radioactive Substances as a Cause of Malignant Growths


NASA Microgravity Hopper Crystals

Chemistry Course Bound to Maim or Kill

Scottish Nitroglycerin & One Legged Stools

Local Pub Hosts Royal Society of Chemistry Soirée

Thallium Artist's Paints & Crookes vs. Lamy

Scottish Gold by Alfred Lock 1882

Detonating Sugar & Scottish Gold

Beautiful Bright Red Pyrrhotite Crystal - Teesdale

SWAN open source AAC


Alston Gold

North Pennines Lead Mining - Britannica Eighth Edition 1853-1860

Mr. Thompson Draws 14 Inch Sparks From a Newcastle Chimney

The first images of plutonium & neptunium compounds

Experimental generation of volcanic lightning using Popocatépetl ash

Effects of Lightning, including Franklin's Cold Fusion - 1849

Accounts of the death of Professor Richmann in 1753, whilst studying atmospheric electricity

Bright Yellow Carcinogenic Chromate Produced by Garden Wood Burner

On the Phosphorescence of the Diamond, by P. Riess, 1845

Kakapo - an 1832 account & head-shagging video

Diminutive Ball Lightning Created Using a Holtz Electrostatic Generator - 1870

Gaugain's Sparks from Tourmaline 1857

Professor Higgins of Dublin Deliberately Inhales Carbon Monoxide

Picric Acid in Beer

The Torture of Victorian Electro-Puncture - High voltage acupuncture needles

Brewster's Universally Attractable Powder - Pyroelectric Tourmaline Dust

Electric Shock from Radium & Autoradiograph of Uraninite

A tie as essential safety equipment - radium 226 & Gems

Hazardous Radioactive Diamond

Cleveland Ironstone Mining 1956

Ebelmen's Artificial Minerals 1851

Artificial Pyromorphite, Wulfenite, Crocoite & Anglesite

The Story of Dynamite

Homoeopathy - ?

Asylum Researcher, Lauder Lindsay, on Scottish Gold

On the brain of the Negro, compared with that of the European and Orang-Outang

Rocket Experiments By Dr Robert H Goddard (1926-1945)

Excellent Electrical Articles - Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1910

DIAMOND. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1910

Instructions for the Discrimination of Minerals by Simple Chemical Experiments, 1841

1864 Catalogue of Minerals at the Museum of Practical Geology

Electrical Activity in Ore Deposits

Molten Lead in the Mouth - Trickery, Not Leidenfrost Effect

Optical Properties of the Iodide of Mercury - Thermochromism

Fluorine Gas From Heating Potassium Fluoroplumbate - 1894

Nitroglycerin References

Arsenic Article 1838

Cabinet of Curiosities

Detection of Gold in Sea Water

There's Bismuthinite in Them Thar Hills - Filiform Crystals, Cambokeels, Weardale

Acoustic Detonation of Nitrogen Triiodide

Tobacco Poison 1862

Crystals in Toad Vertebrae

Metallic Ores

Geodes of Beautiful Gold Coloured Crystals in Soda Manufacture Waste

Underwater Explosion Phenomena

Russian Illustrations of Minerals & Fossils

Electrostatically Floating Goldfish

Unnoticed Fullerenes - Willard Hershey's Desk-top Diamond Furnace

Sir William Crookes - Radium Bromide Diamonds & 190000psi Enclosed Cordite Explosions

1812 - Phillips on the cuprite from the Muttrell Load at Wheal Gorland, Cornwall

Diamonds from Moissan's Extraordinary Electric Furnace

Diamond Synthesis à la Verne

On the Artificial Formation of the Diamond. By J.B.Hannay

Sir Charles Algernon Parsons 1918 - Diamond Synthesis Using a Wildcat .303 Lee-Enfield Rifle

1821 Cambridge Professor of Mineralogy on North England Minerals

F.A. Abel, Esq., F.R.S., on Some of the Causes, Effects, and Military Applications of Explosions, 1862

Locomotive Powered by Hydrogen Peroxide


Brewster on Thermoluminescent Natural Calcium Fluoride

Nikon D3100

Electric Sparks from Calcium Chloride

Bunsen on Cacodyl Cyanide

Execution & Resuscitation of a Murderer - Wonderful Effects of Galvanism

Ducati 695 Monster For Sale Sold

1820's - Reverend Sedgwick on Durham & Yorkshire Dykes

Anvil Crawler Lightning Described - 1850

Minerals of the Auriferous Districts of Wicklow

Dana Wrong - Bad Science in 1837 System of Mineralogy

A Geognostical Sketch of the North Pennine Orefield, 1814

The Thermoluminescence Spectrum of Fluorspar, 1905

The Fluorescence Spectrum of Fluorspar, 1905

Volta's Paradox & Lichtenberg's Giant Electrophorus

On the Preparations of the Indian Hemp, or Gunjah. 1843

Alteration of the Human Voice by Hydrogen

Who Discovered Photography? A Victorian View

Pressing on the Brains of Hospital Patients

Little Dog & Hydrofluoric Acid

Whimsical Effects of Nitrous Oxide Gas

On Double Crystals of Fluor Spar - Whewell 1821

Nitrogen Triiodide

Big Ice Crystals- fascinating frost damage

Experiments on Certain Oxalates

Marconi - Gold From Seawater

A Million Volts or Bust

Boiling Quicksilver & Fluorspar Reading Lamp

Ali G on Science

Mercury Flames, Phosphine & Oxygen Explosions, Throwing Glass Bottles of Hydrogen & Chlorine into Sunlight, and other Incredibly Dangerous Experiments for the Young Chemist in the 1860's.

Antimony Oxide Crystals, dimorphous forms, both artificial & natural

Randle's Folly - A Frankenstein Gold Mill at Dunolly

1774 - Edward Nairne's Exploding Wires & Cock Electrocution

Shoad & Float Ores, and Subsequent Hushing

Chemical Fogs

Sound from Vortices

Mr. Symmer's Static Silk Stockings

Victorian Production of One Ounce of Nitrogen Trichloride
A Discourse Relating to the Economical Production of the Most Dangerously Explosive Substance Known, Using Only Natural Minerals & Human Gastric Juice. The first chapter of "The Ernest Glitch Chronicles"

Nitrogen Trichloride References

Mineral Inclusion Photos & Eye-Straining Text

Artificial Crystallisation of Mineral Matters and Metals in the Moist Way, 1865

Greek Fire, 1864

Mr. Tomlinson's Experiments on the Electrical Fly

Luminous Fungi in Cardiff Coal Mines

How Does the World Look to a Fly?

Hunt on British Gold, 1865

Tyndall on Acoustic Flames 1867

The Impossibility of Photography & Hallucinatory Toads & Mushrooms

Dr. Schaphaeutl's Exploding Water Experiments, Tetrafluoroethane & Boiler Explosions

Ant Pheromone Vortex of Death

In Bed with Boyle - Clayton's Piezoluminescent Diamond, 1663

Western Kentucky Fluorite - 1905

Galvanic Reanimation of the Dead

Volcanic Gases and Sublimates

Bennet's Doubler

Marie Curie - Method of Extraction of Radium From a Tonne of Pitchblende Residues

Signatures of Scientists

The Boltsburn Flats

Funny Drug Man and Giant Waxy Monkey Frog

Chemistry and Physics of Energetic Materials

Classic & Unique Electric Vauxhall

Victorian British Bulk Drug Dealing - China Addicted To Morphine

Alpine Air to Produce 30 Million Volts for Atom Smasher - One Man Dies

Hot Air Heiligenschein

1808 Laughing Gas Experimentation

Nuclear Explosion Induced Lightning

Sorby's Illustrations of the Microscopical Structure of Crystals 1858

Using Glide Ratio to Stimulate the Hypothalamus & the Adrenal & Pituitary Glands

Dynamite in Geordieland, Blast Furnace Trouble

Los Alamos Nuclear Weapons Documents

Vintage, & Wonderful, Royal Institution Lectures

1810 Discovery of a Mass of Native Iron & Luminescent, Poisonous Plant in Brasil

Artificial Fulgurites

Artificial Chalybeate Water Exhibits Iridescent Surface Film - 1807

Two Hours of Excellent Science Entertainment - Royal Institution

High Explosive From Aussie Plants - 1858 to World War One

Copper Fulgurite Tops Vulcano

Galvanic Experiments on the Dead Body of a Criminal, Artificial Volcano, etc., etc.

Teesdale puddles - nano-mineral schwertmannite thin-film floaters

Sir William Armstrong - Interesting Intellect, Weapons Innovator

Punch Attempts British Association Humour - 1843

xkcd cartoons

1858 - Wöhler Extracts Organics From Meteorite

Preparation of Pure Tellurium. By Berzelius

Copper & Coal Gas Explosives - Professor Bottger Nearly Rediscovers Acetylene

Mr. Clarke excites his optic nerves with a generator

Explosions for Fun - Mega Bomba & Anvil Tossing

On the Evolution of Light During Crystallization

Thenard 1832, "Animals when allowed to breathe the pure gas fall down as if struck with a bullet"

A Couple of Electrical Machines

Mr. Rudder & Mr. Benson sink bottles from the Princess Victoria

The Lugworm - Arenicola marina - An Admiral Annelid for Anglers

Peculiar Compound of Platinum

Cobalt in Cleveland Ironstone 1863

Edison Wax Cylinders For Sound Recording

Cat Lives After Hydrocyanic Acid & Chlorine Experiment!

Desirable Cockpit & View

Photo Slideshow - Micromount Mineral Crystals

Victorian Artificial Formation of Minerals

Were Fox Measures 37 meter Teesdale Lead Vein Electrical Continuity 1838

1829 - Hydrogen Gas From Mushrooms

Titan's Many Layered Atmosphere

LOLA Simulator - A load of balls

Benjamin Franklin Electrocutes Turkeys

Metallo-Chromes - Lead Oxide Interference Colours

Project Cannikin - 5 Megaton Nuke & Sea Otter Eyeballs


A Random Walk

A Lecture on Semiconductor Physics by a Nobel Lauriate

It's Alive! Mr. Crosse's Acari

Artificial Minerals - Victorian Electrocrystallisation Experiments

Project Gnome - Fused Halite Stalactites

How Spiders Fly, Beer From Coal, Tea etc.

Amplification - The Early Years

Quantum Levitation

Cannabis & Nuclear Bomb Double Flash - The Bhangmeter

Bill Beaty - Scientist, Engineer & Educator Extraordinaire

Is Alcohol Food?

Explosive Drugs

Feynman - Genius & Nice Guy

Newcastle Town Moor Nitro Carnage; 30 Canisters Stashed in Boozer Cellar

Teesdale Tornado - Coldberry Rope Out

Bullet impacts & Silane

Extraction of Platinum Group Metals

Phosphine Smoke-rings & Explosive Polymerisation Produced in Adrian's Splendid Chemistry Laboratory

Ozone & Antozone Simultaneous Formation

Ball Lightning?

Not Saint Elmo's Fire

Microscopic Californian Diamonds, Topaz & Zircons. By Silliman, 1873

Light Emission from Sodium & Potassium

Peculiar Effects of Light on Charcoal & Silver Nitrate Solution

Experiments on the Preparation & Uses of Fulminating & Detonating Compounds

Lake Peigneur Disaster - Whirlpool & Waterfall

A Selection of Fluorescent Minerals

Leidenfrost Effect - Lead Floating on Molten Iron

Spinning amalgam globules, 1852

On a New Series of Chemical Reactions Produced by Light. Tyndall 1868

Stainton Beck - Magnetic Basaltic Andesite & Fossil Beds

A Drop of Water, Mercury & Electricity. 1826 Electrowetting

Pearsall on Sparks & Phosphorescence

Berzelius Inhales Hydrogen Selenide Gas 1819

The Experiments of R.P. Williams 1888

Phosphorescent Minerals & Electrical Discharges - Pearsall 1830

Replacement of the Internal Structure of Wood by Pure Silver

Californian Crystalline Gold 1855

Influence Machines, by Wimshurst 1888

An Acoustic Rainbow

Brewster Studies Fluorite Colour Phenomenon in Weardale Crystals - 1838

Upward Lightning

1818 - Newly Discovered Variety of Green Fluorite, Uncommon Beauty, Remarkable Colour & Phosphorescent Properties

Proposal for Hydrogen Instead of Fossil Fuel 1863

Liquefaction During Japan's 2011 Earthquake

A Method of Electro-Plating Lizards

Electroluminescent Silicon Carbide Crystals in 1907

Copperas Efflorescence

Fictional Influence Machine

"Tore off both legs from the unfortunate M. Hervy"


Early Aluminium & Beryllium

Explosive Antimony

Victorian Nitrogen Laser

Martinus Van Marum (1750-1837) "discovers" a light blue gas, with the help of Mr. Cuthbertson

Hittorf's Metallic Phosphorus of 1865

Victorian Tesla Coil, with reference to a possible medieval coil

Helix Chemica

Artificial Volcanism


The Transit of Venus

Edison Drug Baron

Alchemy; a Pseudo-Science

Weardale's Slitt Mine Visited by Clergyman - 1850s Green Fluorite

Edison Electrocutes Elephant

A Case of Arseniuretted Hydrogen Poisoning 1841

The Young Man's Book of Amusement

The following are archived from They have yet to be incorporated into this blog

Fulminating Oils - Sweat of the Devil
Two sensitive high-explosive liquids & fearless scientists with missing body parts

An Excellent Van de Graaff Design from 1938
500kV and 200uA from this four foot high electrostatic generator

Experimenting with Weapons-Grade Fissile Material in the Home
The Spinthariscope - Crookes` Turbulent Luminous Sea

Fulgurites - Tubes Formed by Lightning
Darwin's observations from South America 1832

Writing Under the Shell of an Egg
How can one be without this essential life-skill?

Cloud Chambers
Apparatus to render visible the tracks of swift electrified particles such as californium fission fragments

Gas of Lucifer, the Tiger of Chemistry... Fluorine
Fluorine is the most reactive element. It's isolation proved to be one of the most difficult problems in chemistry. Horrendously poisonous, devilishly corrosive, many 19th century chemists were killed or mauled by the tiger

Colloidal Growth
The "chemical garden"

Coolidge uses 200kV Lenard Rays to Punch Holes in Rabbits Ears
Also the profuse growth of snow-white hair is induced

Getting Gold
Complete book on-line : Getting Gold, A Practical Treatise for Prospectors, Miners, & Students. J.C.F. Johnson 1898

Red Sprites & Blue Jets
Early documentation of these unusual luminous electrical discharges, which dart from thunderclouds up towards space. Chapter 7 of "Rudimentary Electricity" by Sir W. Snow Harris, third edition 1853

Pyrotechnic Magic
Unbelievably dangerous magic tricks for the magician with a death wish, from 1948

Lord Rayleigh`s Active Allotrope of Nitrogen
"A whirling cloud of brilliant yellow light"

The Most Powerful Rock Ever Found
A Belgian man in a pith helmet irradiates his gonads with seven tons of uranium ore

The Production of Fine Bluish Crystals of Aluminium Nitride
An interesting experiment using atmospheric diffusion

Atomic Hydrogen Blowtorch
In 1926 Langmuir invented this electrical dissociation blowtorch, capable of attaining 3700 degrees C. Melt tungsten, vapourise diamond!

A Miscellany of Mineralogical Articles
Some interesting articles from American Mineralogist

Forming Vessels of Gold Using Phosphorus
An ingenious, if hazardous, method of producing goldware for chemical research

Safe Breaker's Tools
A complete burglar's outfit for opening safes and strong rooms, 1929

Leyden Jars & Leyden Batteries
"...was discharged through and upon various kinds of matter, its force was quite irresistible."
"....disappeared in a cloud of blue smoke, from which fell red-hot globules of tin."

Fluorescence of CaF2 (Eu) with 337.1nm laser?
Are Glitch's observations reliable?

GOLD - an element of beauty & violence
General auriferous subjects including Fulminating & Scottish gold

The Footsteps of a Fly
Professor Hughes' flystep amplifier from 1877

"A large globe of bluish fire struck Professor Richman on the head, and he instantly expired"
Highly dangerous experimentation with lightning

The Evolution of the Zip
fascinating fastening

Strutt's Radium Clock
"This arrangement is perhaps the nearest approach yet made to perpetual motion."

Oft Overlooked Innovations Within Van de Graaff's Original Patent of 1935
A feebly conductive coating on the supporting column overcomes corona leakage at opening of sphere, & possibility of replacing charge transport belt with pumped insulating fluid

Metallic Carbonyls
Gilbert T. Morgan, O.B.E., F.R.S. describes unusual compounds such as nickel carbonyl, a colourless volatile liquid

Tesla Coil
A 5MV pressurised oil immersed bipolar tesla coil by Breit 1930

Hydrogen Metal
Hydrogen exists in a metallic state in the core of Jupiter. It has been momentarily created in the laboratory using this self destructing apparatus

Radon Collection
The collection of radon from radium salts is very perilous, because of the extreme radioactivity

Spectacular Isolation of Metallic Potassium & Sodium by Davy, 1807
"...sometimes violently exploded and separated into smaller globules, which flew with great velocity through the air in a state of vivid combustion, producing a beautiful effect of continued jets of fire."

The Laboratory of Ernest Glitch
An illustration of his apparatus for the synthesis of an organic compound

Mechanical Television
The early equipment (patented by Nipkow in 1884) was simple and consisted of rotating discs with spirally placed holes

Slickensides Galena & Other Naturally Occurring Explosives
Siberian Marekanite, natural Prince Rupert`s drops. Detonating Derbyshire Galena, Higginbotham narrowly escapes crackingwhole explosion. Lanchester Witherite, collector's dismay

Moist Conductors of the Second Class
Contact Electrification by Prof. F. Sanford, 1915

The Plate Glass Electrical Machine
Pages 61 - 65 from Rudimentary Electricity, Sir Snow Harris, 1853

Doctor Diode
Dr. Diode, Practitioner of Experimental Exotica, Unleashes the Primal Energies of the Universe in a Series of Terrific Science Japes

The Operation of a 1950's Cyclotron
"Cleaning a cyclotron is neither an easy nor a pleasant job"

Lateral Science Inverted
Antipodean anecdotes of an unusual nature

Eclectic Science Esoterica Shop
Unusual items of science & engineering interest for sale

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