Monday 12 January 2015

Canyon Diablo Meteorite Diamonds

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Albert E Foote (1846-95), "Purveyor of Materials for Scientists" collected fragments of the Canyon Diabolo meteorite, found strewn round the Barringer Crater -

from Quarterly Review of the Michigan Alumnus, Volume 64, 1957-58

The origin of these diamonds is discussed below,  from Problems Related to Interplanetary Matter, By National Research Council (U.S.), Committee on Nuclear Science, 1960 -

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Unrelated to this post, below is an example of
eclectic science esoterica 

Lichtenberg figures on sad film

This unfortunate inventor dies in his attempt to demonstrate a wingsuit
Instead of viewing this sad event, fast forward the clip to 1 min 20 sec. Here you'll see lichtenberg figures caused by electrostatic charges building up, as the film un-reels in the camera

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