Monday 13 May 2013

Nitrogen Triiodide

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The Initiation of Explosion by Neutrons, Alpha Particles and Fission Products

Crystals of lead azide, silver azide, cadmium azide, silver acetylide  and nitrogen iodide were coated with a thin film of uranium oxide and irradiated with slow neutrons. Only the nitrogen iodide exploded. This was further evidence that the excitation or decomposition of a few adjacent azide molecules does not lead to explosion. The irradiation of nitrogen iodide by alpha particles does not produce an explosion unless there is impact by a large number of the particles. It is suggested that the passage of a single particle (even a large fission fragment) will not cause the explosion of azides and other sensitive materials. It will produce changes which affect the subsequent decomposition.
Bowden, F.P. 1958. Proc. Roy. Soc. (London); Journal Volume: Vol: A246

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Ant in baltic amber

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