Monday 1 April 2013

Mercury Flames, Phosphine & Oxygen Explosions, Throwing Glass Bottles of Hydrogen & Chlorine into Sunlight, and other Incredibly Dangerous Experiments for the Young Chemist in the 1860's.

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Equipped with a copy of Griffin's "Chemical Recreations" and vigorously waving a wet rag to keep the chlorine off the furniture, the student chemist in Victorian times could die in so many ways....

PLEASE don't try any of these experiments, there is very real danger of severe injury from explosively propelled glass shards, quite apart from the lethal poisoning risks involved with breathing mercury vapour, the smokes of mercuric chloride, antimony and arsenic trichlorides, and chlorine, hydrogen chloride and phosphine gasses.

As is stated at the end of these excerpts from Griffin's book, "The young chemist is again reminded....  to prevent accidents from fire or from explosions, or from the noisome stink and atmosphere which such experiments produce in the apartment in which they are performed, when there is no thorough ventilation." 

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WARNING - Many subjects outlined within this site are extremely dangerous and are provided here for information only. Please don`t experiment with high voltages or chemicals unless you are fully conversant with safe laboratory practices. No liability will be accepted for death, injury or damage arising from experimentation using any information or materials supplied.