Monday 16 February 2015

Human Sacrifices to Independence Day in America & Subsequent Home-Made Fireworks for "The Murderous Fourth."

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The 16th October 1919 issue of  New Zealand's Whangarei newspaper, the "Northern Advocate," contained Mr Tait's views against "fireworks orgies." Tait, the superintendent of the Wellington Municipal Fire Brigade, notes the fall in fireworks deaths in the USA, since their prohibition, and feels the 5th of November could benefit -

Incredibly, while the Kiwis debated the above in 1919, the American magazine "Popular Science" published instructions for the manufacture of home-made fireworks. No fireworks are described. What is described, is a series of the most dangerous chemical reactions, with scant safety information. All of  them are potentially lethal, and the highly toxic, corrosive or high-explosive nature of some, would make roman-candle juggling safer!

Please don't try any of the reactions in the July 1919 issue of Popular Science, online here

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