Monday 15 October 2012

Victorian British Bulk Drug Dealing - China Addicted To Morphine

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Opium smoking in China, 1896

Morphine is the chief active chemical in opium. The British decided it would be a capital idea to introduce this drug to the Chinese nation, and then supply the resultant drug addicts with boat-loads of the stuff. With full military support from the Navy. The misery caused by this government backed enterprise is not mentioned in the following article from 1863 - 

Things Not Generally Known: a Popular Handbook of Facts Not Readily Accessible...
by David Ames Wells 1863


Morphine is a wonderful drug which is of immense use in palliative care. Just what were the Victorians doing, supplying it to perfectly healthy folk for recreational use? And indulging in two wars to ensure the dealers had freedom from interference, from the rightly concerned Chinese authorities, beggar's belief.

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axisymmetric cone inlet at mach 2

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