Monday 8 October 2012

Alpine Air to Produce 30 Million Volts for Atom Smasher - One Man Dies

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In the summers of 1927 and 1928, three gentlemen from the University of Berlin harnessed atmospheric electricity in the Italian Alps. They intended to use the enormous voltages around Mt. Generoso to accelerate sub-atomic particles for atom smashing.

Curt Urban, Arno Brasch and Fritz Lange hung a metal wire net, of several hundred square meters, between two mountains on a string of heavy duty insulators. Charge was collected on a wire surrounded by large diameter corona cylinders. The resulting discharges between measurement spheres 18 meters apart occured once a second when there was a thunderstorm around. Around 15MV. They were to raise the net to achieve their design objectives of 30MV when Curt Urban was killed during the experiments. 

A 13 foot spark during a thunderstorm

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Caduceus & DNA

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