Sunday 8 July 2012

Helix Chemica

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The Periodic Spiral is a graphical representation, illustrating the relationship between the chemical & physical properties, and the occurrence of the elements.
Also known as the Helix Chemica, the diagram below was drawn by E.C. Pozzi in 1937.

In the upper half of the diagram: All elements have low density (below 4.0), simple spectra, strong e.m.f., and generally a single valence.
Upper left: Elements are acid-forming and negative, i.e., attract additional electrons.
Upper center: Elements are inert, i.e., have a complete octet.
Upper right: Elements are base-forming or positive, i.e., give up their valence electrons.
In the lower half of the diagram: All elements have greater density (above 4.0), complex spectra, weak e.m.f., and generally many valencies; they are amphoteric and may gain or lose electrons.
The abundance of the elements is shown by the hexagons as indicated at the top of the table.

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