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Phossy Jaw - White Phosphorus Causes Match-Makers Leprosy

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Right - Phossy jaw by Mutter 1896
Left - "Match factory worker at the end of 19th century suffering from phossy jaw with pathological fracture of the mandible and fistula formation."

Match-makers leprosy or "phossy jaw" was an occupational disease seriously affecting the people manufacturing matches in the 19th century. Caused by the use of white phosphorus, it led to necrosis of the jaw of the children and young adults employed by the likes of Bryant & May. Workers clothes emitted white fumes of phosphorus pentoxide when they returned home and rested by the fire. Their faces and hands glowed in the dark. Their jaw-bones died and fell off, bit by bit, soon after their teeth.

Household Words: A Weekly Journal, Volume 5
By Charles Dickens 1852

Phossy jaw was very difficult to treat, as can be gathered from this from Saint Bartholomew's Hospital report -

Mr. Eldone's jaw-bone, after removal

In 1861 an incident with white phosphorus and Queen Victoria occurred. Concerning an autonomous phosphorus harvester, it is mentioned in the latter part of an article about the allotropes of phosphorus, here.

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"Hodges emitted a scream the like of which
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during my experiment with fluorine gas last year."

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Ice Crystals 15 cm across. 
Inside a fumarolic cave, Mt. Erebus, Antarctica.
Photo: Nial Peters

GIF of "Thylacine footage compilation".gif
Thylacines at Hobart Zoo

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