Sunday 11 November 2012

Bennet's Doubler

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A present day electrostatic experimentalist, Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz, has produced this excellent video of Bennet's doubler in action.

A "hailstorm box" on the table contains light conductive balls and shows the build up of charge. On top of this is plate No. 1 with the small initial +ve charge. Plate No. 2 is next and is insulated top and bottom. At the top is plate No. 3. Plates 2 & 3 have insulating handles.

Watching the video carefully, you can see some deft fingerwork going on by Mr. de Queiroz. By momentarily touching 2 to earth it, a -ve charge is induced. 2 is separated from 1 and it's voltage increases because of the reduction of capacitance. 3 is momentarily touched and a +ve induced in it. 3 is separated from 2 and touched to 1. Now 1 has a much greater potential than initially. This is repeated.

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