Monday 10 September 2012

Explosions for Fun - Mega Bomba & Anvil Tossing

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The recreational use of explosives with minimal regard for safety

Mega Bomba. The annual carnival of explosions in Mexico looks to be a real laugh. Using a mixture of potassium chlorate and sulphur taped to sledgehammers, deaf Mexican lads create detonations by whacking the hammers onto steel plate.

Anvil Tossing. 100 lb anvils are thrown up to 200 ft skywards using a pound of blackpowder. The second video shows a very close call due to premature ignition.

And finally, using much smaller charges to make the anvil ring -

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Unrelated to this post, below is an example of
eclectic science esoterica 

1913 Waimangu Geyser, Waimangu Valley, near Rotorua, New Zealand.

Chelicerae of a Lasiodora parahybana
a spider's fang

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