Thursday 16 August 2012

Project Gnome - Fused Halite Stalactites

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December 1961. A 3.1 kiloton nuclear bomb was detonated 1184 ft below the surface of New Mexico. The bomb exploded within a thick halite formation.

The nuclear blast caused a large cavity to form, half filled with molten salt. When it was "safe" to enter, scientists found stalactites of solidified salt and the radiation had produced blue, green and violet colouration of the salt

Edward Teller, the brilliant one-footed father of the hydrogen bomb, was an extremely enthusiastic proponent of the peaceful use of nuclear bombs. In the following video, Teller introduces Project Gnome, then fascinating details of the experiment are presented. The footage of the ground rising six feet, of the neutron wheel, and entering the nuclear cavern with its halite stalactites, are particularly interesting. Teller's proposal for large scale production of transuranics using underground nukes is a bit ambitious. 29 mins of nuclear gnome.

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Volta shows his piles to Napoleon

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