Sunday 1 July 2012

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I have three items for sale at the moment -

* Oertling Chemical Balance, brass in glass case, orange agate knives & bearing surfaces, 1860

* Copy of "The Young Man's Book of Amusement" for re-binding, 1854

 ( Photos & more details will be posted here as time allows, together with contact information )

* Copies of the novel "The Ernest Glitch Chronicles" for the Kindle, PC, iPad or smartphone. Only 99 cents

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The Ernest Glitch Chronicles. A Novel by Roger Curry

Anarchic Experimental Science in
Victorian Weardale &
Event Horizon Powered Lotus

Ernest Glitch. Wealthy Victorian experimentalist, armaments mogul, aficionado of intoxication and big game hunting. His mansion in Weardale, England, had laboratory facilities second to none in the mid eighteen hundreds. In them Glitch, with his assistant Hodges, performed scientific experimentation of a most eclectic nature, and always with concentrated disregard to safety issues.

An eccentric and volatile person, his pursuit of knowledge was accompanied by the sort of hedonism only the very rich can enjoy. The results of experiments he and his assistant Hodges undertook were never published. As he kept no log-book, the main record of the discoveries they made are the letters he wrote to Michael Faraday.

In this book, those letters are presented, together with contemporary reports, a journal Glitch made of his expedition to Africa, and several narratives of his life. Also, reference is made to both his ancestors and, in detail, his descendants. This novel has two threads. One details the horrific experiments performed by Victorian Ernest Glitch and his assistant Hodges. The other is set in the near future, where Glitch and Hodges' descendants wreak havoc, with a device capable of generating enormous power from the annihilation of nuclear waste.

More Information & Sample Chapters here

WARNING - Contains very strong language. The letters and accounts of the work of Ernest Glitch are of an appalling nature in parts, containing references to animal and human experimentation, extreme violence, Victorian drug abuse, and complete disregard for the dignity of native peoples. 135 thousand words. Buy it for the Kindle - UK (77p) here, USA (99 cents) here

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C60 by Sponk

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